LOD2 webinar series: Virtuoso Universal Server for Linked Open Data (LOD)

After an interesting first webinar on components and services of the LOD2 Technology Stack we are preparing the next broadcast. On 20.12.2011, 04.00pm CET the LOD2 project  will offer the next free one hour webinar on the Virtuoso Universal Server as the Linked Data ingestion, storage and retrieval component of the LOD2 Stack.

About the Virtuoso/LOD2 webinar, Dec. 2011

This webinar will introduce OpenLink Software‘s industry acclaimed Virtuoso Universal Server as the Linked Data ingestion, storage and retrieval component of the LOD2 Stack, providing an overview of its position in the linked data life cycle the LOD2 Stack provides, including live demos of its usage in this capacity. This webinar will be presented by the LOD2 Partner: OpenLink Software, UK The LOD2 webinar series is powered by the LOD2 project, organised and produced by the Semantic Web Company (Austria).

If you are interested in Linked (Open) Data principles and mechanisms, LOD tools & services and concrete use cases that can be realised using LOD then join us in the LOD2 webinar series!

The LOD2 team is looking forward to meet you at the webinar!

About the LOD2 Stack

The LOD2 stack is an integrated distribution of aligned tools which support the life-cycle of Linked Data from extraction, authoring/creation over enrichment, interlinking, fusing to visualization and maintenance. The stack comprises new and substantially extended existing tools from the LOD2 partners and third parties. The LOD2 stack is organized as a Debian package repository making the tool stack easy to install on any Debian-based system (e.g. Ubuntu). The first release of the LOD2 stack contains the following components (available as Debian packages):

  • LOD2 demonstrator, the root package (LOD2)
  • Virtuoso, RDF storage and data management platform (Openlink)
  • OntoWiki, semantic data wiki authoring tool (ULEI)
  • SigmaEE, multi-source exploration tool (DERI)
  • D2R, RDF wrapper for SQL databases (FUB)
  • Silk, interlinking engine (FUB)
  • ORE, ontology repair and enrichment toolkit (ULEI)

Additional details and the instructions on installing the LOD2 Stack from scratch are available in the HOWTO Start document.

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