LOD2 members work on integrating Linked Data in the Future Internet Architecture

There is currently a intensive debate about the Future Internet Architecture. Many different communities develop specific parts of infrastructure, which at one point of time need to be able to interoperate. Unfortunately, currently the Future Internet architecture does not include means to achieve interoperability at a
data level. The Linked Data paradigm is a perfect candidate for achieving this interoperability.

Stefan Decker and Sören Auer from LOD2 consortium members DERI and Uni Leipzig are organizing a track on “Linked Data in the Future Internet” at the Future Internet Assembly (FIA), in Ghent on 16 December 2010. Aim of the track is to explain the linked data principles to the Future Internet stakeholders and to bring researchers, practitioners and industry interested in the topic together in order to develop concepts for exploiting Linked Data as a layer for data integration between different Future Internet applications.

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