LOD2 infrastructure for public service information

On May the 10th and 11th I represented the LOD2 consortium on the share-psi.eu in Brussels. This conference was set up by ETSI and W3C in preparation of the Digital Agenda meeting in Brussels in mid June 2011. The audience was a mix of public services, private companies and non profit organizations. You can find the slides here and notes here. I presented the LOD2 objectives and plan and was considered “uncontroversial”. Some of the highlights of the LOD2 presentation:

  • LOD2 prepares the infrastructure to manage, manipulate, enrich, link, search, … the data that you are publishing and are about to publish.
  • LOD2 is a fine selection of innovative companies and research centers.
  • LOD2 works on 3 use cases of which one is relevant to you: Open Government Data. This is next to a publishing (legal content) and an enterprise HR use case.
  • LOD2 recently launched a survey on Open Government Data. The results are available here. These results serve as input to the OGD use case (and results are also available for re-use as linked open data).
  • LOD2 has a service that can bootstrap your Linked Open Data project. The service is called PubLink.
    (Supporting organisations like the Greater London Authority, the City of Vienna, the Finish Parliament – beside others)

Some things to remember:

  • Some large companies where there giving presentations or participating as guests: IBM, Orange, Adobe, …
  • The KADME presentation on ArticWeb was particularly interesting because it realizes some of the objectives of linked open data and proofs the need for linked open data. It is however not based on open data sources but on old fashioned aggregation and scraping and it is funded by the oil and gas industry.
  • OpenCorporates.com should be supported because it is probably one of the main drivers for opening up the European internal market. In addition it is an enabler of more transparency.
  • FearSquare.com launched a discussion on the publication data. What is the impact on society? What are the side effects?
  • Licenses? The legal worked is working on synchronization of the licenses that vary across countries, sectors or other boundaries.

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