Winners of the 2010/2011 LOD2 PUBLINK consultancy service

When the LOD2 project came into being in September 2010, the LOD2 consortium decided to offer a free Linked Open Data consultancy service to interested organisations and institutions to showcase what the potentials and benefits of linked open data (LOD) principles and technologies are – the LOD2 PUBLINK consultancy service – see also PUBLINK page. PUBLINK is accomplished by LOD2 together with the FP7-funded project LATC.

The first call of PUBLINK was promoted from September 2010 until the deadline on 20th December 2010 (via several channels as viral marketing, mailing lists, presentations at events etc). Its focus has been on Linked Open Data publishing: both in the area of know-how transfer (workshops and trainings) of LOD publishing principles, LOD tools and technologies and in the area of concrete implementations by publishing data sets as Linked Open Data together with the respective PUBLINK partner.

Today the LOD2 consortium is proud to announce the winners of the first call for participation in PUBLINK – the Linked Open Data Starter Service.

The following applicants have been selected from various public institutions across Europe (you can also find the responsible LOD2 team contact person for each PUBLINK partner):

The six awardees will receive trainings, consultancy workshops and on-site support in the publishing of Linked Open Data (LOD) within the next months. Until June/July 2011 they will be provided with an overall effort of 10-20 days of support from highly skilled Linked Data professionals from the LOD2 consortium. Through a standardized phased approach each organization has the opportunity to migrate some of their data using Linked Open Data to the internet in a smooth way and with a minimum of risks.

Trainings and workshops will, moreover, give them the ongoing competence to manage the Linked Open Data space successfully with regard to their data publications.

The LOD2 team will keep you informed about the status and the results of the PUBLINK project at the LOD2 weblog.

A second call of PUBLINK is planned for the end of this year, focusing on consuming Linked Open Data.

More information about the PUBLINK consultancy service of LOD2 and LATC is also available at: http://lod2.eu/Article/Publink.html

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