Linked Data: The Future of Statistical Data

On December 12, the IMP team (Valentina Janev , Uroš Milošević and Vuk Mijović) together with the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia (Branko Jireček, Assistant Director and Jelena Milojković, Head of Internet technologies department) and the Statistical Society of the Republic of Serbia organised an event on Linked Data and the future of statistical data.  The event was an opportunity to present and discuss the latest results of the LOD2 consortium in the field of managing statistical Linked Data.

The event was opened by prof. dr Ranko Nedeljković, President of the Statistical Society of the Republic of Serbia. Participants of the event were members of the Statistical Society, most of them employed by the Statistical Office. Because of a mixed audience (managers, statisticians and IT staff), the presentation was divided into two parts with the following content:

  • Linked Data
    • Motivations
    • Benefits of using Linked Data technologies
    • Statistical Data as Linked Data
  • LOD2 project
    • PUBLINK Project and IMP-SORS cooperation
    • LOD2 Statistical Workbench

The goal of the Introductory Session was to inform the statisticians about the advantages of publishing statistical data as Linked Data. Additionally, pointers were given to data in the LOD cloud published by the European Union bodies , EUROSTAT , Italian National Institute of Statistics , UK Office for National Statistics , French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies and other resources.

The cooperation of the Serbian LOD2 partner and the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia started in the PUBLINK 2011 framework, when free consulting days were granted to this institution aimed at supporting the adoption of Linked Data technologies. During the last two years, example datasets from different domains, including National accounts, Prices, Tourism, Labor Force Survey, and Usage of ICT, were made available as Linked Data via the Serbian CKAN . Furthermore, the LOD2 Statistical Workbench has been installed at the Statistical Office in order to speed up the LOD publishing process, thus achieving better transparency and improving the interoperability of data with similar governmental agencies.

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