LOD2 Vienna Plenary Meeting 21 – 23 March 2012

From 21 to 23 March 2012 the bi-annual plenary meeting of the LOD2 project took place with about 35 participants from all 14 partners of the LOD2 consortium – this time in Vienna, Austria hosted by the local LOD2 partner Semantic Web Company.

In the course of this 3 days meeting the following activities took place: A) an intense break out session on authentication and provenance issues regarding the LOD2 stack, furthermore B) in total 8 state-of-play presentations on all currently running technical and real world use case work packages with invited 3rd party participants from Austria (Joanneum Research, University of Vienna, Technical University of Vienna, STI Innsbruck and FTW) and last but not least C) 8 longer break out sessions on these technical work packages as well as on the 3 use cases of LOD2 to discuss and plan concrete next steps, responsibilities and action items for each work package for the next 6 months lead by the respective work package leader as well as to plan the interplay between related work packages.

In the course of the state of play session Alan Hanbury from Technical University of Vienna gave a lightning talk about his running FP7 project KhresmoiKhresmoi Presentation.

Beside these there were also several plenary sessions on dissemination, exploitation as well as on project management issues and – very important – a lot of time for bi-lateral discussions and knowledge exchange between the participants.

You can find all state-of-play presentations on the LOD2 slideshare account and lots of pics of the meeting on the respective LOD2 flickR page!


As at every LOD2 plenary meeting a side event with a focus on open data took place – the Open Government Data Business Day 2012 on 22 March 2012 in the evening at the RTR Austria.










As an additional plenary activity where several LOD2 team members worked together the LOD2 team have set up a blog parade for the LOD2 plenary Vienna 2012 – as follows you can find blog posts from these different authors of the plenary meeting showing their respective different viewpoints on the plenary meeting.

LOD2 Plenary Meeting Vienna Blog Parade:

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