Preview release of conTEXT for Linked-Data based text analytics

We are happy to announce the preview release of conTEXT — a platform for lightweight text analytics using Linked Data (soon to be part of the LOD2 Stack). conTEXT enables social Web users to semantically analyze text corpora (such as blogs, RSS/Atom feeds, Facebook, G+, Twitter or SlideWiki.org decks) and provides novel ways for browsing … Continue reading

Publicdata.eu becoming more pan-European

As part of LOD2 we are developing the portal publicdata.eu. This is an open data portal which aggregates open data from other government portals throughout Europe. At the start of the project, most portals that were included in publicdata.eu were scraped from other sites, or based on portals that were set up by members of … Continue reading

High visibility of LOD2 in the Publishing Industry

I am frequently attending conferences and symposia, mainly within the publishing and media industry. My talks always touch LOD2 and the impact it has on our progress from being a traditional publisher to become an information service provider. The positive feedback of the audience especially on this point is significant and I suppose it is … Continue reading