Domain-Specific Multilingual Linked Data Extraction from Natural Language Documents

The ever-growing world of data is largely unstructured. It is estimated that information sources such as books, journals, documents, social media content and everyday news articles constitute as much as 90% of it.  Making sense of all this data and exposing the knowledge hidden beneath, while minimizing human effort, is a challenging task that often … Continue reading

Free Webinar: LOD2 stack – release 3

  This webinar in the course of the LOD2 webinar series will present the release 3.0 of the LOD2 stack, which contains updates to Virtuoso 7 [Openlink]: the original row store of the Virtuoso 6 universal server has now been replaced by a column store, increasing the performance of SPARQL queries significantly, the store is … Continue reading

LOD2 project meets in Prague to prepare for its last year

  On October 7 and 8 members of the LOD2 project gathered for yet another plenary meeting with a goal to plan and discuss what shall be done in the upcoming half-year. This time, the meeting was hosted by the University of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic. As the project entered its last year the main … Continue reading

Linked data excited interest in the Data Mining community

The first Workshop on Data Mining from Linked Data, DMoLD’13, was held on September 23, 2013, in Prague, in collocation with the  European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases (ECML/PKDD 2013), a prime scientific event in the data mining field. The workshop was co-organized by LOD2 researchers from … Continue reading