Virtuoso 7 Released …

The quest of OpenLink Software is to bring flexibility, efficiency, and expressive power to people working with data. For the past several years, this has been focused on making graph data models viable for the enterprise. Flexibility in schema evolution is a central aspect of this, as is the ability to share identifiers across different information … Continue reading

Free Webinar: CubeViz – a facetted browser for statistical data

  In this Webinar Michael Martin presents CubeViz – a facetted browser for statistical data utilizing the RDF Data Cube vocabulary which is the state-of-the-art in representing statistical data in RDF. This vocabulary is compatible with SDMX and increasingly being adopted. Based on the vocabulary and the encoded Data Cube, CubeViz is generating a facetted … Continue reading

Big Data RDF Store Benchmarking Experiences

Recently we were able to present new BSBM results, testing the RDF triple stores Jena TDB, BigData,  BIGOWLIM and Virtuoso on various data sizes. These results extend the state-of-the-art in various dimensions: scale: this is the first time that RDF store benchmark results on such a large size have been published. The previous published BSBM … Continue reading

Open Data Conference in Seoul

Sören visited LOD2 partner KAIST and gave a lecture on Linking Enterprise Data in KAIST’s distinguished lecture series. On the second day of Sören’s short trip to Korea, we participated in the Open Data Conference of the Information Society Agency (NIA). NIA seems to be implementing a comprehensive Open Data strategy (also involving LinkedData). Looks … Continue reading