LOD2 stack Usability survey started

In the recent years the LOD2 stack established a collection of applications developed in the context of the LOD2 project, presented as an unified environment. These applications are referred to as components although they can also be installed independently. However, having all these components in a single environment eases the access from one application to … Continue reading

LOD2 Webinar 30.04.2013: Virtuoso Column Store

  This webinar in the course of the LOD2 webinar series will present Virtuoso 7. Virtuoso Column Store, Adaptive Techniques for RDF Graph Databases. In this webinar we shall discuss the application of column store techniques to both graph (RDF) and relational data for mixed work-loads ranging from lookup to analytics. Virtuoso is an innovative … Continue reading

To live in the Cloud

The EU-funded lighthouse project LOD2 is entering its critical phase. Many core developments will be more or less finalized in 2013. Therefore, the plenary meeting at the end of March, which was this time taking place in Amsterdam, was full of intense and partly controversial discussions between the partners. It became obvious that everybody wants … Continue reading