Publishing World Bank Linked Data

The World Bank is an international development organization that provides access to a comprehensive set of data about countries around the globe. The publicly available statistical data is collected from officially-recognized international sources, and consists of a wide array of observations. The World Bank Linked Dataspace was created by Sarven Capadisli at LOD2 partner Linked Data … Continue reading

Paper about LOD2 Stack accepted for ISWC

A paper describing the LOD2 Stack and its application in LOD2’s Media & Publishing use case was accepted for presentation in the In-Use track of the International Semantic Web Conference 2012 in Boston (USA): Managing the life-cycle of Linked Data with the LOD2 Stack, Sören Auer, Lorenz Bühmann, Jens Lehmann, Michael Hausenblas, Sebastian Tramp, Bert vanNuffelen, Pablo Mendes, Christian Dirschl, … Continue reading

Start of International Asian Summer School on Linked Data (IASLOD)

IASLOD 2012 taking place August 13-17, 2012 at KAIST in Daejeon (Sounth Korea) offers a broad and intensive series of lectures at different levels on Linked Data, ranging from Natural Language Processing to Web Engineering. IASLOD is organized by the LOD2 and it is particularly focused on the Asian participation. Lecturers comprise distinguished experts from LOD2 member organizations as … Continue reading