New in CKAN: integrated Linked Data output

The CKAN data portal software now has fully integrated output of metadata as RDF linked data, in XML or N3 format. To see it at work, simply add the appropriate prefix to the URL for a dataset. For example, here is a dataset on the DataHub (as it happens, part of the LODcloud). Would you … Continue reading

Modelling public procurement for the Linked Open Data Cloud: release of the Public Contracts Ontology

In the course of exploring the potential of linked open data for public procurement in the work package LOD2 for a Distributed Marketplace for Public Sector Contracts we have created the Public Contracts Ontology providing means of expression for describing public contracts in RDF to enable seamless exchange of semantically annotated data across distributed data … Continue reading

LOD2 Vienna Plenary Meeting 21 – 23 March 2012

From 21 to 23 March 2012 the bi-annual plenary meeting of the LOD2 project took place with about 35 participants from all 14 partners of the LOD2 consortium – this time in Vienna, Austria hosted by the local LOD2 partner Semantic Web Company. In the course of this 3 days meeting the following activities took … Continue reading

WebDataCommons.org launched – Offering 3.2 billion quads current RDFa, Microdata and Miroformat data extracted from 65.4 million websites

We are happy to announce WebDataCommons.org, a joined effort of the PlanetData and the LOD2 projects to extract all Microformat, Microdata and RDFa data from the Common Crawl web corpus, the largest and most up-to-data web corpus that is currently available to the public. WebDataCommons.org provides the extracted data for download in the form of … Continue reading

LOD2 webinar series: LIMES – discovery of links across knowledge bases

The 1st version of the LOD2 Stack has been published in September 2011 in the form of a LOD2 Stack demo and the downloadable LOD2 Stack virtual machine image – additional details and the instructions on installing the LOD2 Stack from scratch are available in the HOWTO Start document. Born from the wish to make … Continue reading

Save the Date: the European Data Forum 2012 takes place 6-7 June 2012 in Copenhagen!

The European Data Forum 2012 (EDF2012) is a meeting place for industry, research, policymakers and community initiatives to discuss the challenges of Big Data and the emerging Data Economy and to develop suitable action plans for addressing these challenges. Of special focus within the EDF are Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), since they are driving … Continue reading

Announcement of Intermediate LOD2 Stack Release, March 2012

The LOD2 consortium proudly announces the release 1.1 of the LOD2 Technology Stack available at: http://stack.lod2.eu. The LOD2 stack is an integrated distribution of aligned tools which support the life-cycle of Linked (Open) Data from extraction, authoring/creation over enrichment, interlinking, fusing to visualization and maintenance. The stack comprises tools  from the LOD2 partners and third … Continue reading

Serbian statistical data as Linked Open Data

National statistical offices across the world already possess an abundance of structured data, both in their databases and files in various formats, but lack the means for exposing, sharing, and interlinking this data on the Semantic Web. Statistical data underpins many of the mash-ups and visualizations we see on the Web, as well as being … Continue reading