2nd PUBLINK Linked Data publishing and tooling support action

After the successful completion of the first PUBLINK iteration, we are now launching a second round, which also includes specific support for Linked Data tool developers, who want to integrate their tool with the Debian-based LOD2 Stack. In order to lower the entrance barrier for potential data publishers and to improve the integration and interoperation … Continue reading

NLP Interchange Format (NIF) 1.0 released

LOD2  is proud to  announce the release of the Natural Language Processing Interchange Format (NIF). The format was developed to be able to convert Natural Language Processing (NLP) tool output to RDF, thus enabling the integration into the LOD2 stack. The  LOD2 consortium members will begin implementing  wrappers for their NLP tools now and thus convert … Continue reading

LOD2 Consortium has been expanded

On September 1st this year the LOD2 project enlargement officially started, bringing five new partners into the LOD2 consortium and enhancing the LOD2 project by their additional unique expertise. The new members of the consortium – consisting of research organizations and business enterprises – include two academic partners, the University of Economics in Prague (Czech … Continue reading

LOD2 webinar series: free webinar on the 1st release of the LOD2 Stack on 29.11.2011

The 1st version of the LOD2 Stack has been published in September 2011 in the form of a LOD2 Stack demo and the downloadable LOD2 Stack virtual machine image – additional details and the instructions on installing the LOD2 Stack from scratch are available in the HOW TO Start document. The official release date of … Continue reading