Call For Participation: BSBM 3.1 Benchmarks on the LISA Cluster

The LISA Cluster from SARA will be used for large-scale experiments on the new BSBM v3.1 BSBM V3.1 is being run on a large cluster — contact me if you want your system tested! Enhancing significantly the performance of RDF systems is a goal of the LOD2 project, and one of the ways to foster this … Continue reading

Winner of the Yahoo Semantic Search Challenge 2011

The DERI Sindice Team is the winner of the Yahoo Semantic Search Challenge 2011. The Semantic Search Challenge, now in its second edition, called for participants to answer keyword queries describing “entities” and return results from “web databases” having a very heterogeneous nature. The results have been discussed at the 4th International Workshop on Semantic … Continue reading