LDIF – Linked Data Integration Framework V0.1 released

Hi all, we are happy to announce the release of the initial version of the LDIF – Linked Data Integration Framework today. LDIF is a software component for building Linked Data applications which translates heterogeneous Linked Data from the Web into a clean, local target representation while keeping track of data provenance. Applications that consume Linked Data from the … Continue reading

Official DBpedia Live Release

The AKSW group is pleased to announce the official release of DBpedia Live. The main objective of DBpedia is to extract structured information from Wikipedia, convert it into RDF, and make it freely available on the Web. In a nutshell, DBpedia is the Semantic Web mirror of Wikipedia. Wikipedia users constantly revise Wikipedia articles with … Continue reading

OpenDataChallenge.org winners announced and PublicData.eu beta launched at Digital Agenda Assembly

Last week at the Digital Agenda Assembly the winners of the Open Data Challenge, Europe’s biggest open data competition to date, were announced by Vice President of the European Commission Neelie Kroes. There were 430 entries from 24 countries. You can see a full list of all the winners at OpenDataChallenge.org. We got lots of … Continue reading

LOD2 Sponsors ESWC Conference 2011 + AKSW Report on Summer School and Conference

This year the STI – International organized an ESWC summer school for Master and PhD students in the area of the Semantic Web to come together to learn about the latest ongoings from some of the leading researchers in the area. Timofey Ermilov and Amrapali Zaveri from AKSW attended the summer school, which was held … Continue reading

Indian-Summer School on Linked Data

ISSLOD takes place in late summer from Sep 12-18, 2011 in Leipzig with hopefully still a lot of Indian Summer (i.e. Altweibersommer / Бабье лето) sunshine rays. The Linked Data methodology is a light-weight approach to facilitate the transition from the document Web to the Web of Data and ultimately a Semantic Web. With a … Continue reading

A stable content environment for the dynamic media market

That Linked Open Data will act as a future technologie for media companies is a well known thesis. But Wolters Kluwer demonstrates the very real praxis of that. I had the chance to talk to Christian Dirschl, Content Architect at Wolters Kluwer in munich. Thomas Thurner: Wolters Kluwer has recently appeared as a strong supporter … Continue reading

Version 2.4 of the Silk – Link Discovery Framework – released on 01 June 2011

We are happy to announce version 2.4 of the Silk – Link Discovery Framework for the Web of Data. The central idea of the Web of Data is to interlink data items using RDF links. However, in practice most data sources are not sufficiently interlinked with related data sources. The Silk Link Discovery Framework addresses … Continue reading