LOD2 infrastructure for public service information

On May the 10th and 11th I represented the LOD2 consortium on the share-psi.eu in Brussels. This conference was set up by ETSI and W3C in preparation of the Digital Agenda meeting in Brussels in mid June 2011. The audience was a mix of public services, private companies and non profit organizations. You can find … Continue reading

LOD2 webinar series starts on 1 June 2011

The LOD2 project has a lot to offer – beside many other benefits – the linked (open) data software tools of the LOD2 partners. To showcase these tools to the interested public we have set up the LOD2 webinar series starting by 01 June 2011 with the following webinar:         When: June … Continue reading

Winners of the 2010/2011 LOD2 PUBLINK consultancy service

When the LOD2 project came into being in September 2010, the LOD2 consortium decided to offer a free Linked Open Data consultancy service to interested organisations and institutions to showcase what the potentials and benefits of linked open data (LOD) principles and technologies are – the LOD2 PUBLINK consultancy service – see also PUBLINK page. … Continue reading