LinkedGeoData Release 2

The AKSW research group is happy to announce a new release of LinkedGeoData! The aim of the LinkedGeoData (LGD) project is to make the OpenStreetMap (OSM) datasets easily available as RDF. As such the main target audience is the Semantic Web community, however it may turn out to be useful to a much larger audience. … Continue reading

The hype, the hope and the LOD2

The pan-European Project LOD2 is one of the biggest projects dealing with linked data. Scientists, programmers and software architects in various European countries are working on the next generation of linked open data. In a series of interviews I’m presenting people working on and with LOD2. As a start, I had the chance to talk … Continue reading

Semantic CKAN – Revisited

A year ago or more the service http://semantic.ckan.net/ was established as a side-project to provide a Linked Data version of the CKAN dataset registry. It was a very simple Python script that used the CKAN API to generate the linked data version in flat files on the disk which were then served by a web … Continue reading