LOD2 for German Publishers

Tuesday April the 24th was the last day of the Publishers Forum conference in Berlin, Germany. In an exquisite venue next to the American Embassy and quasi under the Brandenburger Tor an LOD2 threesome took up the challenge to introduce the Linked Open Data to the leaders of the German publishing industry. Sören Auer, University … Continue reading

LOD2 infrastructure for public service information

On May the 10th and 11th I represented the LOD2 consortium on the share-psi.eu in Brussels. This conference was set up by ETSI and W3C in preparation of the Digital Agenda meeting in Brussels in mid June 2011. The audience was a mix of public services, private companies and non profit organizations. You can find … Continue reading

Ideas on Semantic Web for Workers Mobility in EU

EC DG Employment invited me to come an explain the opportunities in semantic technologies (and linked open data). So that’s what I did on Wednesday, March the 16th 2011 in Brussels. The audience was a mix of Public Employment Service assistant directors and ICT liaison officers. Mrs. Wallis Goelen from DG Employment did the introduction. … Continue reading

LOD & London Online Conference

Last week I defied snow and Eurostar delays to visit the London Online Conference. The conference exists already a couple of years. It brings together publishers, technology provides, content aggregators, … I did what I name “a reverse conference”. This means that I try to “sell” something to some of the booths. I approached some … Continue reading