High visibility of LOD2 in the Publishing Industry

I am frequently attending conferences and symposia, mainly within the publishing and media industry. My talks always touch LOD2 and the impact it has on our progress from being a traditional publisher to become an information service provider. The positive feedback of the audience especially on this point is significant and I suppose it is … Continue reading

European Data Forum 2013

The European Data Forum (EDF) 2013 takes place on April 9-10, 2013 in Dublin (Ireland). The EDF series is a joint activity of  the EC FP7 projects BIG, LOD2, and PlanetData and is supported by the European Commission. Following a successful launch in 2012, this year’s edition of the European Data Forum will be addressing  … Continue reading

Open Innovation Conference, 28th-30th November 2012, Leipzig

The first Open Innovation Conference organized by the city of Leipzig brings together experts from the fields of the triple helix “university, industry, government” focusing on the exchange of experience in the field of open innovation in creative industries. One session at the conference is dedicated to Open Data, which will be discussed  from two … Continue reading

Accepted Papers of LOD2 Members @ JIST 2012

Nara, Japan is hosting this year’s Joint International Semantic Technology Conference (JIST) with two of our project partners , KAIST and NUIG,  being  part of the program committee. JIST recently promoted the submission of original research papers on Semantic Web and other semantic technologies, as well as papers on applications of semantic technologies. Several members … Continue reading

Article about LOD2 in the “Buchreport Magazin”

Christian Dirschl and Sören Auer were interviewed by “Buchreport Magazin” about LOD2 and its relevance for the media -and publishing industry. The article in “Buchreport Magazin”, revolves around LOD2’s potential solutions and future prospect by offering new publishing strategies. Article in “Buchreport Magazin” (in German)