Linked data in libraries: global standards and local practices – interview with Esther Guggenheim and Ido Ivri

Esther Guggenheim and Ido Ivri work for the National Library of Israel (NLI). During 2013 they collaborated with LOD2 members on a joint PUBLINK project that focused on converting the NLI’s extension of Library of Congress Subject Headings to RDF. At the end of the year, when this effort is coming to a close, the … Continue reading

Cryptocurrencies, read-write web and all things linked data with Melvin Carvalho

During the last LOD2 project plenary meeting in Prague the project’s Jindřich Mynarz had a chance to talk with Melvin Carvalho, who joined the meeting as an invited expert. Melvin was able to learn about the LOD2 project’s activities and provided the project members with feedback on the basis of his extensive experience with linked … Continue reading

LOD2 project meets in Prague to prepare for its last year

  On October 7 and 8 members of the LOD2 project gathered for yet another plenary meeting with a goal to plan and discuss what shall be done in the upcoming half-year. This time, the meeting was hosted by the University of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic. As the project entered its last year the main … Continue reading

LOD2 at the Prague Open Data Meetup #7: Linked Open Cities

LOD2 project will be represented at the next in the series of Prague open data meetups. This time, the meetup prepared together with Otakar Motejl Fund will focus on opening and linking city data. Members of the LOD2 project will share their expertise and experiences from collaborations with various municipalities in past PUBLINK projects. Local … Continue reading

All Commission’s data – Interview with Daniele Rizzi about the EC Open Data portal

The Open Data Hub of the European Union, which was launched at the end of 2012, sparked a considerable amount interest among open data enthusiasts and media as well. As a result of European Commission’s open data strategy, the portal boasts with almost 6000 datasets, some of which are available as linked data through SPARQL … Continue reading

“I like tables.” – Interview with Richard Cyganiak

On February 15, 2013, LOD2 project’s Jindřich Mynarz sat down with Richard Cyganiak to talk about linked open data. Richard is a prominent voice in the domain of linked open data as well as an active semantic web software developer. He’s a linked data technologist and a member of Linked Data Research Centre at DERI. … Continue reading

Applying LOD to Public Procurement: PSI Group meeting 2013

On January 24, 2013, the PSI Group met on the premises of European Commission in Luxembourg for a discussion of the recent advancements in open data activities across the European Union. The PSI Group consists of representatives from all of the EU member states, most of whom were present at the meeting and reported on … Continue reading

Scaling curation of public sector data: The Big Clean, November 3rd 2012, Prague

Public sector bodies record and store facts about themselves, their actions and the settings in which they operate. Unfortunately, the way these public institutions collect such vast amounts of data often does not result in big data: it results in a big, unusable mess instead. The methods of maintenance of information assets established in the … Continue reading

Modelling public procurement for the Linked Open Data Cloud: release of the Public Contracts Ontology

In the course of exploring the potential of linked open data for public procurement in the work package LOD2 for a Distributed Marketplace for Public Sector Contracts we have created the Public Contracts Ontology providing means of expression for describing public contracts in RDF to enable seamless exchange of semantically annotated data across distributed data … Continue reading