Big Data RDF Store Benchmarking Experiences

Recently we were able to present new BSBM results, testing the RDF triple stores Jena TDB, BigData, ¬†BIGOWLIM and Virtuoso on various data sizes. These results extend the state-of-the-art in various dimensions: scale: this is the first time that RDF store benchmark results on such a large size have been published. The previous published BSBM … Continue reading

RDF and Graph Benchmarking Project Started: LDBC

This week we received notification from the EU that the LDBC project has been granted. We think this is great news. The LDBC project is a STREP and will run until Q2 2015. The LDBC project has direct roots in LOD2 as it sprang out of benchmarking activities in LOD2 WP2; where we tried to … Continue reading

Call For Participation: BSBM 3.1 Benchmarks on the LISA Cluster

The LISA Cluster from SARA will be used for large-scale experiments on the new BSBM v3.1 BSBM V3.1 is being run on a large cluster — contact¬†me if you want your system tested! Enhancing significantly the performance of RDF systems is a goal of the LOD2 project, and one of the ways to foster this … Continue reading